Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Japanese MP asks hard 9/11 questions of PM, Finance Minister& Foreign Minister

Yukihisa Fujita (Democratic Party of Japan), former Chief Cabinet Secretary under Koizumi in 2001, and now a member of the House of Councillors in the Diet, made a 30 minute presentation before a session of the Japanese Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee that was broadcast live nationwide on Japanese NHK television.

The Japanese Defense and Foreign Affairs Committe was discussing Japan's continued contribution to the US in Afghanistan. Fujita questioned Japan's continuing support for the US 'war on terror' and the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq because he believes there are too many doubts about 9/11 which is the main reason Japan is currently supporting the US.

During Fujita's presentation, a staffer holds up large photos and diagrams such as photos of the damaged Pentagon with a plane superimposed on the photo illustrating conflicts with the official story. These photos and diagrams appear to be from a variety of 9/11 Truth sites.

Fujita also asks the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister about, and requests, investigation by Japanese authorities into Japanese citizens killed in New York on September 11, 2008, instead of just taking US authorities word (no Japanese investigations were done). These are exactly the kind of questions and requests Canadian MPs should have/be making of our government.

Here is a English translation of Yukihisa Fujita's questions in the Japanese Parliament done by Benjamin Fulford who is a Canadian writer and journalist living in Japan:

Here is a link to page with links to 8 YouTube videos with English sub-titles of his presentation and lots of presentation info:

Here is a streaming video of the entire presentation with no English sub-titles, beginning at 18 minutes into the stream

More information on Yukihisa Fujita:

Yukihisa Fujita's website: (translate to English using

Wikipedia Yukihisa Fujita entry:


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