Tuesday, February 27, 2007

BBC reported WTC 7 had collapsed 20 minutes beforehand

Two BBC news stations broadcast news that WTC 7 (or as they also refer it, Salomon Smith Barney building) collapsed 20 minutes before it actually did collapse. In fact, in one long report, a BBC reporter in New York, reporting from a building many blocks away from WTC, is standing in front of a window in which you can actually see WTC 7 still standing!

There was absolutely no ambiguity about whether or not the building had actually fallen, and is reported as a confirmed certainty.

This "pre-broadcast" of WTC 7 collapse, was broadcast on two BBC news shows. A blogger at 911blogger.com downloaded and watched nearly the entire archived video from BBC to verify that the window in front of which the reporter is standing, and in which WTC 7 can clearly been seen to be standing, is not a blue screen or manipulated image. One of the shows footage includes a time stamp as do many news broadcasts that confirms the early reporting.

This BBC reporter in New York was actually cut off by apparent signal interruption just 5 minutes before the WTC 7 building actually collapsed. If she had been allowed to continue, the collapse could have been seen on live TV, after the reporter in the same view had said it collapsed just 20 minutes earlier!

Apparently, CNN also broadcast the fact that WTC 7 had collapsed before it did too.

Check out the evolving reporting on 911blogger:


BBC has come out with saying that not only did they lose the footage for that day, they also have no documentation on who contacted them and told them that WTC 7 had collapsed. The reporter claims not be have been aware of her prescient reporting!

This is a smoking gun. Jumping the gun!


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