Sunday, July 23, 2006

UW Lecturer Kevin Barrett

UW-Madison lecturer Kevin Barrett, who has come under fire recently for his views on 9/11, was interviewed by Neil Heinen on News 3 Wisconsin's show called "For the Record" Friday, July 21st, 2006. Kevin Barrett has a one-semester appointment as an associate lecturer and received his Ph.D. from UW-Madison in 2004 in African languages and literature and folklore.

Heinen asked fair and balanced questions of Kevin Barrett first by asking Barrett to provide viewers with his controversial views on 911, as well as how his 911 views will influence the course that Barrett will teach at UW-Madison. Mr. Barrett choose to articulately and clearly give an overview of how he came to hold the opinion that the "official" story is not true and that the real story is much different. Barrett describes a key turning point for his views which was a debate which appeared on Al-Jazeera between Thierry Messan and a Pentagon official about the Pentagon attack in which Messan "mops the floor with the" Pentagon official. Barrett clarified that only 5% of his course content will involve his 911 views saying that people taking his class, thinking it will be more, will be disappointed. Barrett also describes himself as a lapsed Unitarian but considers himself a Muslim.

Barrett described how he began to see gaps in the official story, and how hearing that Dr. David Ray Griffin, someone he calls " a man of uncommon common sense", was also about to release his book "The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9-11", decided to investigate this more fully himself. He points out that governments need to be questioned because the people in it are not necessarily good people.

Like Griffin, Kevin Barrett relies on the evidence which has lead him to believe unequivically the "official" story regarding 911 is false. Barrett is also confident that the truth about 911 will out because of the overwhelming evidence contrary to the "official" story.

The interview can be found here:

Read UW-Madison press release regarding UW-Madison's affirmation of Kevin Barrett's employment as lecturer:


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