Friday, May 19, 2006

Judicial Watch gets video from Pentagon on Flight 77?

Pentagon releases Flight 77 videos from 9/11Video Catches Moment Plane Crashes Into Pentagon on 9/11

The video which Judicial Watch has pried out of the Pentagon does not show a jet crashing into the Pentagon. It mostly shows a placid scene of nothing, the few minutes before the explosion and subsequent fireball and smoke appear. We see a car and a minivan go by the gate. Then at the end of clip we see a whitish blurry thing, purported to be the nose of flight 77, a 757, poke into the frame from the right. Then, the building erupts in flames and then smoke.

The little white blurry thing doesn't complete its journey across the frame, but leaps, quantum like, unseen, across the frame and supposedly impacts the building. We don't see the rest of the jet in the video.

If the whitish blurry thing is the nose, then it would be about 1/10th the length of the entire jet and to boot, it shouldn't be white, it should be silvery, blue and red as American Airlines jets are coloured.

Ok, maybe the jet is moving so fast that the camera can't have captured it on video. That is entirely plausible. But, there are reports of up to 80 known videos of flight 77's crash into the building. Is this the best of them? Why not release all of the others so we can put this issue to rest once and for all.

Smells like a ruse to me. It seems like the old trick of telling the mark (the reader in this case) what they are about to see and then showing them something; the gullible mark will then believe they see what they have been told to see.

See the video for yourself and ask questions:


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