Thursday, February 02, 2006

Prof. Jones' Utah 9/11 Seminar - Feb.1, 2006

BYU Professor Steven E. Jones, founding member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, gave a public lecture on the various anomalies of 9/11 at the Utah State Valley College in Orem February 1, 2006.

GNN's reprehensor was at the lecture and has posted coverage on his GNN blog( Prof_Jones_Utah_9_11_Seminar_Feb_1_2006)

Some quotes from the review:

- main lecture hall which held around 250 was filled to standing-room only
- the two annex rooms with live feeds were also full
- when Jones asked for a show of hands among the audience, just under half of the attendees had never seen the footage before
- Jones is an excellent public speaker, and he addressed the crowd in an uncondescending manner (I am happy to hear this as his Tucker Carlson interview didn't go so well which I discussed in another blog)
- Judging from the standing ovation that Jones got at the end of his presentation, it was well received by a motley crowd of blue collar workers, students, and various representatives of the “Well-Heeled”

You can find all of BYU Professor Steven E. Jones material at his website: research/energy/htm7.html

Scholars for 9/11 Truth webiste is at Information for those who may want to join S9/11T can also be found there.


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