Saturday, December 17, 2005

Steel fuel tank worker clarifies why official story is a lie

This post on a discussion board at is by a person (nicknamed "farang") who in his words works as "..a Boilermaker, Shipbuilder, Blacksmith Forger and helper. Union. Now a contractor on military facilities. I build steel storage tanks for jet fuel."

farang Posted: Oct 6 2005, 05:30 AM

"A few years ago, a typhoon blew through, and I got to watch a Mobil AST, with @ 1,000,000 gallons of diesel in it, get hit with lightning, the grounding failed, and the million gallons BLEW!!

Well, for a diesel fire that is. it simply caught fire, burned itself out after 4 days, blackened the steel. Catch that? One million gallons of diesel fuel, burned for 4 days, didn't melt squat. Tank, 1/4" steel, never melted.

Yet HUGE core I-beams, supporting the elevator and utility shafts, were VAPORISED at the WTC towers? Stop, I'll wet my britches laughing."
This person clearly refutes the official story that fire caused by the burning jet fuel in the WTC towers melted or weakened the steel columns and support beams was the reason for the building collapses. His practical observations and conclusions fit the evidence infinitely better than the "official" story.

I am as incredulous as the post's author and have only to ask: am I not to believe my own eyes?! I saw three controlled building demolitions on September 11, 2001 - WTC North & South towers, and WTC Building 7. It couldn't have been more obvious. It is difficult for many to dismiss the the "official" story promulgated by the Bush administration and by a captive mainstream media. As David Ray Griffin and others have said, it is difficult for many to accept that the three buildings were demolished purposely, not by 19 hijackers crashing aircraft into them, but by the use of explosives in controlled demolitions. As I have pointed out in a previous post, the who, when, why and how of the arrangements for controlled demolitions is not clear and in the end moot, because, in the end, they were used to murder 1000's of people. Not to mention the ongoing coverup since 9/11.

Griffin has said that it is not whether you believe in a conspiracy theory but rather which conspiracy theory best fits the evidence. At best, the official story for WTC North & South towers is weak. The controlled demolition theory best fits all three WTC building collapses. The 9/11 Commission findings did not even mention WTC Building 7 because their conspiracy theory simply does not fit. Other "official" investigations of the WTC attack also do not provide any plausible explanation for the collapse of WTC Building 7.

Open your eyes, and more importantly, understand and believe what you have seen! You do not need experts and talking heads on tv to tell you what happened.


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