Wednesday, September 21, 2005

How the WTC was wired for demolition in advance

The stated intention of the 1993 bombing at the WTC by Ramzi Yousef and co. (Khalid Shaikh Muhammad, UBL, and others) was to topple one tower into the next tower and to have both fall over a large area creating a large swath of damage. This motley crew said they wanted to return and make sure they got it "right" ie, knock both towers into surrounding area and cause great damage Therefore, wouldn't it make sense that the authorities would add "safety" features that would allow them to bring the towers down in a controlled way should it prove necessary in a possible future attack?

In fact, one could even argue that it would be negligent of the authorities to not do this. Imagine the destruction if the both WTC towers (or any other ancillary but still large WTC buildings e.g. WTC 7) were to be toppled over. They could potentially take out many blocks of buildings and kill and injure many more people depending on how they fell, compared to a controlled demolition (where they fall into their footprint) in the event it was necessary after another bombing attempt that threatened to topple the towers.

It is very easy to imagine a covert "public works" operation to have provided the authorities the capability to preempt any uncontrolled collapses of the WTC towers in the even another bombing successfully toppled either or both of them. It would also be very easy for public officials and private contractors to undertake this work in good faith along with the secrecy it would necessitate, simply because it could potentially save lives and property in the event of another attack on the WTC. You certainly wouldn't advertise such a potentially controversial measure.

After the 1993 bombing attempts, significant security upgrades were undertaken at the WTC. This is when the "safety upgrades" would have been done. There were also other "security" and "repair" events done prior to the 9/11 attacks, some as recent as two weeks before. This could have been inspections or tests of demolition wiring and explosives were still viable. Investigators should be looking at who did this work and see what people have to say.

However, it is quite believable that these people would have kept and continue to keep their silence about installing explosives and wiring that would bring the towers down in a controlled demolition even after 9/11. Plausibly, there does not need to be a connection between the "safety" precautions being ordered and the buildings being hit by jets piloted by terrorists. Even though the buildings were brought down by their controlled demolition, it is very reasonable that the workers believe their precautionary efforts actually saved lives and property (relative to uncontrolled collapses). This is why they would hold their silence, even though it unwittingly assists the larger, treasonous, immoral acts of omission and distortion by those persons and agencies that conspired to allow the attacks to happen in the first place and then cover them up (a la Mike Ruppert, Paul Thompson, David Ray Griffin, Ahmad Nafaz, etc).

The only doubts these workers might have is: would these buildings would have collapsed, if the controlled demolition were not done.

In this light, we can better understand how public officials could have had knowledge that the buildings were going to come down but still not be complicit in the wider conspiracy. They will keep their secret for a variety of reasons including some have become “heroes”, others have had political or ideological agendas fulfilled, and still others have gained financially. Of course, it is very believable that they believe they did the "right" thing. Also in this light, any rewards for their silence need not be interpreted as hush money, as instead a reward for a job well done.

Finally though, which person would want to admit to taking part in such a controversial action? It is one thing to order the shoot-down of a hijacked passenger jet threatening to crash into the Congress, but quite another thing entirely to order the controlled demolition of a tower that is not in danger of ever collapsing.


At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a complete nutjob. What would people like you do with your time without conspiracies?

At 5:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your comments. Now we just need to get the murders of all those people and put them in a building and blow it up like the WTC was.


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