Wednesday, August 31, 2005

You can confuse the bureaucracy (FBI, FAA) - its a PROMIS!

Many people ask how very few people could have controlled information in the FAA, FBI, CIA and elsewhere to have protected the 19 purported hijackers and obfuscated investigators. There is lots of chafe on the internet about PROMIS, so I thought I would put together a brief fictional account that sheds some light on how this might be done.

Damn that Clinton; squandering opportunities to move us forward.

We need to get him out.

Our petitioning him didn't get us anywhere.

We need to get more aggressive. We need our own man there.


Why him? I mean, I know he's got great lineage and all, but well, he's not the brightest spark in the fire.

He’s got conviction. He’s got focus. He also happens to believe in our agenda, at least as much as he is capable of understanding. He already stands up for the key public points: democracy, freedom and keeping the world safe. We also think he will be absolutely willing to let us work on our own. We are certain he will support us fully.

His father is not completely on board. Just like when he didn't punch right into Iraq. He got cold feet.

In a way, that’s working for us. Our behavior people tell us that GW is out to one-up his father. But even given his daddy's reluctance, I think they also see his daddy sending out subconscious cues to egg GW on. Kind of like a when a construction worker sends his kids to medical school or law school. As for that white haired sociopath; GW gets his spine from her.

True enough. GW has no problem breaking a few eggs to make an omelet. He's put more bad guys to death than most. Seems he really believes in the righteousness of killing bad guys.

So you agree; GW is our man?

Yes, GW is our man.


We, all of us in the project, believe there are many uncertainties coming that we need to prepare for.

What kind of uncertainties?

Peak oil and gas. Of course, without doing anything we just price everyone out of the market. However, when we get into office, we'll have to do a reassessment of the situation, but already most of us are convinced that we need to take more drastic measures to ensure that we secure oil and gas supplies so that we can ride out the storm until our scientists come up with something else that we can do on a big scale. We don’t think China is a threat in the next decade but thankfully peak oil and gas and the measures we'll take will also have the side effect of knocking them down a few pegs. We're not really sure how but some of our guys think that we might be able to cancel their investments in our government bonds at some point. But what worries us most is how fast technology is growing. We believe that the world we read about today in science fiction is fast on its way to becoming a reality. So we really want to tighten everything up, and make sure that we can preempt any threat, be it biowarfare, nanotech or nuclear.

Dick, don't tell me you believe we are running out of oil, and all of that techie bullshit too!

Governor Bush, there are people with PhD’s, people who are highly respected in their fields, who are telling us that the genie is about to come out of the bottle. Forget WMDs. That’s nothing compared to what we are concerned about. We’re talking about specially created viruses. We’re talking about brain control using sophisticated biochemistry and nanotechnology and strong AI. We’re talking about small groups or even individuals soon having the capability to threaten our nation and perhaps even the world.

Ah Dick, that is just a bunch of hooie..

Please George, we are serious about this. We’ll do detailed presentations for you later. But for now, please understand that our primary motivation is to make sure that when someone unleashes the genie, and it will happen, that we have a means of striking back with overwhelming force. It‘s what we’re calling full-spectrum dominance.

Alright. Alright Dick. I was just trying to have a bit of fun. But it appears that this is no laughing matter for you. Sign me up. I can see that you are deadly serious besides; I’ve had my own thoughts on things like this. My Daddy tells me you’re the man. I trust you. That’s why I am here.

That's great George.

I bet you guys are probably lining up a million ways to make a million out of all this too.

Well, yes, as it happens, we need all the levers of influence we can get at those involved. Not everyone is ideologically committed. For those that need it, we like to offer other, ah, inducements. One of the best levers we can get is the threat of losing wealth, power, reputation, etc that might keep them committed.

Dick, I got no problem with people making money. It’s what we made America for. Nobody respects someone who doesn’t take what he can. That’s something that my granddaddy Prescott drummed into all of us.


This is going to be close; Gore is going to be another Clinton.

Don’t worry; we have a plan to get past this. GW is going to the White House.


Dick, I need you to give me the most recent status for Big Wedding.

Well, as you know we've got key people in each agency. The technology aspects have pretty much been in place since December 2000. I’ve been using our backdoors to monitor all sorts of things and intervene where necessary which is really minimizing our manpower requirements. These backdoors have been making it much easier that it was before for letting us connect the dots before anyone else, and then make sure that they never do.

I am really happy to hear that, we really need that. It's the only way to get plausible deniability. We need this to look like a real fuck up when all is said and done. So tell me about how you are dealing with domestic agencies.

Ok, let’s look at the FBI for example. Whenever any agent comes up with anything related to the fliers, we know about it ASAP because they have to file reports and feed up the chain for authorization to proceed. Usually we just try to create bureaucratic bottlenecks to slow or stop these things. We make sure that FBI supervisors and admin people have to go back and get missing info. PROMIS flags most of this stuff, especially because we've made sure that all entry forms need the key info that we flag. Although even if they don't PROMIS is made to search bulk data and sift out what we need anyways.

So how do we actually create bottlenecks?

We slow things down by deleting information from requests, send it to the wrong place, shut a printer down, crash a local network, sometimes we reroute a request to someone who is a stickler for details. We also get other agencies get involved which slows things down too. We call it the Dilbert effect. In reality it is classic misinformation tactics.

Dilbert effect, ha, that’s rich. I love that comic. I don’t want to know who they are but do we have key people in the FBI?

Yes, but we rarely have them take direct action. We usually use them obliquely to get others to act in a way that obfuscates our target action.

What about the other agencies?

Yep, ATF, customs, health, you name it if it’s a federal asset we have a way to backdoor it. Actually, we have been learning how to do some real sophisticated interagency misinformation operations.

This is un-fucking-real. I mean this was all sci-fi only a decade ago and now we are literally the big one-way mirror in Orwell's book. It gives me the chills to see this stuff being used. Man, I am glad that we are the ones doing this first. At least this part of our plan is turning into a reality. Are we sure that we are the only ones with this capability?

Oh, well as you know, this is mostly DARPA stuff which usually makes its way onto the open market, which is why it works so well by the way. Anyways, all the corporations are using stuff like this too but they call it enterprise systems and data warehousing and business intelligence. But as far as we know, we are the only ones doing it on all federal assets. Still you never know what other deep groups are up to; and there are groups that are as deep as we are.

Since we came into office we’ve been tightening up so much that if there is any other deep groups who might oppose us, without a doubt they will be suffering from lack of knowledge and maybe resources, although given all the financing channels and cells setup over the years, no one knows who is getting what with any degree of certainty. Bush, Rumsfield and I have managed to maintain significant control over black assets even when we weren’t in office.

Our assessment is that this is our greatest weakness. I don't want some other group to throw a monkey wrench into the works when the shit hits the fan. That's when they'll do it too. It'll be the only time they can get at you and the President and blame it on the fliers.

To be continued ....


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